Problems and repair points of commonly used automobile master-driven spiral bevel gears

2022/11/11 13:53

Several commonly used car master-driven spiral bevel gear problems and repair points:

1) When the spalling part of the end of the gear tooth does not exceed 1/3 of the tooth height and 1/10 of the tooth width, and the active teeth of the damaged gear teeth do not exceed 2 and are not adjacent, the driven teeth do not exceed 3, and the adjacent teeth do not exceed 2, it can be trimmed and polished, and continued use is allowed.

2) Bearing journal wear, when the journal wear is greater than 0.04mm can be chrome plated repair.

3) Tooth wear, tooth wear greater than 0.4mm should be replaced.

4) The crack of a single tooth that is not adjacent can be repaired after overlay welding.

5) If the active bevel tooth key teeth, the key teeth are worn, and the tooth thickness wear is greater than 0.2mm, which can be repaired by overlay welding method. If there is a single key, the keyway can be machined to a repair size and repaired with a key. Or the original keyway 180° on the journal by machined keyway repair.

6) When the thread of the active cone pulley shaft is damaged by more than two teeth, it can be repaired.


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