Grinding cracks of hard tooth surface gears are common problems in the gear manufacturing industry, which directly affect the normal use and service life of gears. This paper analyzes the causes of grinding cracks, and proposes effective measures to prevent and eliminate grinding cracks, including
2023/02/01 11:52
The processing principle of high-precision spiral bevel gear: the simulation wheel is the processing gear, and the unified chuck is the gear of the simulation wheel. When the simulated wheel is combined with this breaking element, the cutter head cuts through the gear. How to process the large and
2023/01/13 09:33
Gears can be classified according to the relative position of the axes of rotation. For example, there are parallel axis, cross axis gears and helical axis gears. Under the Parallel Axis Gears category, there are two different types of mechanical gears, spur gears and helical gears. Spur gears have
2023/01/03 13:44
The geometric characteristics of the tooth surface of the high-precision spiral bevel gear are complex, and the manufacturability is strong. From the perspective of mathematical theory, even if the modulus, pressure angle, helix angle and contact area of ​​the tooth surface of the bevel gear are
2022/12/08 10:11
 The meshing condition of the helical gear is that the normal modulus is equal to the normal pressure angle. In the transmission process, the transmission efficiency is low and the wear is fast, so it is often used in instruments and small auxiliary transmissions. The gear transmission between the
2022/12/02 10:38
 On the premise that the position of the installation shaft is correct, it is mainly due to the change of the installation distance of the gears, the instantaneous rotation center distance of the two gears changes, resulting in a large gear. It is caused by the change of the small end tooth gap. A
2022/11/29 10:28
 Cultivate a group of mechanical engineers who can understand the essence of planning and combine theory with planning - non-standard mechanical planning and production. Transmission helical gears rely on their own structural scale and data strength to accept external loads, which requires data
2022/11/28 11:36
 Theoretically speaking, the machining of high-precision spiral bevel gears is completely universal, so theoretically there is no need to calculate the direction and curvature of the vector, and its complexity is equivalent to the axis value. Therefore, simply comb three gears with the basic
2022/11/21 17:10
Several commonly used car master-driven spiral bevel gear problems and repair points: 1) When the spalling part of the end of the gear tooth does not exceed 1/3 of the tooth height and 1/10 of the tooth width, and the active teeth of the damaged gear teeth do not exceed 2 and are not adjacent, the
2022/11/11 13:53
Spiral bevel gear is a stable transmission ratio. The transmission components of low noise transmission have different names in different regions, also known as spiral bevel gear. Spiral bevel gear. Spiral bevel gear. Arc bevel gear. Spiral bevel gear etc. Spiral bevel gear has high transmission
2022/11/08 13:50
High-precision spiral bevel gears are key transmission components in the automotive, petroleum, energy and aerospace industries. The geometric features of the tooth surface of the high-precision spiral bevel gear are complex, and the manufacturability is very strong. In terms of mathematical theory
2022/11/04 16:17
After entering the 21st century, my country's spiral bevel gear machine tools have entered the stage of full numerical control, and gradually developed towards high precision and large machining diameter. It can not only process high-precision spiral bevel gears with a diameter of more than 1000 mm
2022/11/01 11:24