Gear transmission is one of the most widely used transmission forms in mechanical transmission. Its transmission is relatively accurate, high in efficiency, compact in structure, reliable in operation and long in service life. How to deal with gear transmission failure? 【Faults caused by
2023/01/09 09:31
one, Overview of High Precision Spiral Bevel Gears Gears are important transmission components of machines or components, and are widely used in mechanical transmission. The gear industry is mainly divided into vehicle gears and industrial gears, among which the vehicle gear market accounts for
2022/12/27 17:15
The heat treatment deformation of the driving and driven bevel gear directly affects the precision, strength, noise and service life of the gear. Even after the carbon heat treatment and gear grinding process, the deformation still needs to reduce the precision level of the gear, and there are many
2022/12/23 10:22
       The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which attracted worldwide attention, was successfully held in Beijing. The voice of the Central Committee, closely following the pace of the CPC Central Committee, keeping in mind the mission of industrializing the country, and
2022/11/14 11:03
       On the morning of October 13, Lv Canhua, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, led a team to observe the Huifeng Transmission Industrial Park. Zhi Song, Secretary of the District Party Committee, and Chen Qinghong, Deputy
2022/11/14 10:57
              In the list of innovative enterprises, Shandong Wenling Precision Forging Technology Co., Ltd. is on the list.               Wenling Precision Forging has established an innovative management mechanism, built an innovative platform, combined innovative work with the actual
2022/11/14 10:47
     On the morning of August 29, the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology jointly held the "Advanced Manufacturing Entrepreneurs" meeting in Jinan. The company's chairman Ren Qihua was invited to participate in the meeting
2022/11/14 10:42
Helical bevel gears are divided into two types, in which there are straight gears and curved gears, depending on the length direction of the teeth. Their division is based primarily on the ruler-length profile and the cross-sectional cone crossing line. If the ruler-length profile and cross-
2022/05/17 15:38
A helical bevel gear is a bevel gear that forms helical teeth along the surface of the gear. The main advantage of helical gears over spur gears is that they run smoothly as the teeth gradually engage. When each gear is in contact, the force is transmitted more smoothly. The helical bevel gear
2022/05/17 15:35
Helical bevel gears are divided into two types, one is an arc bevel gear, whose large axle crosses with a small axle; One is a hypoid helical bevel gear, which has a certain deviation between the large axle and the small axle. Helical bevel gears are widely used in automotive, aviation, mining and
2022/05/17 15:26