Door-to-door service-the District Council for the Promotion of International Trade visited the company on the spot

2023/03/21 13:14

  On the morning of March 21 , Gu Hongtao, secretary of the party group and president of the District Council for the Promotion of International Trade, led a team to the company to investigate the development of the company. Foreign trade manager Zhou Xiuli and other participants participated in the discussion .


Secretary Gu and his party had a discussion with Manager Zhou, listened to Manager Zhou's introduction, and had an in-depth understanding of the company's export status, market development, production and operation , etc.


During the symposium, Secretary Gu affirmed the achievements in exporting to the United States, Italy, Brazil and other international markets, and said that he will continue to strengthen communication with enterprises, and will continue to carry out relevant training and improve service levels based on the needs of enterprises in the future. Do a good job of service for the enterprise and fully support the enterprise to become bigger and stronger.