Huifeng held the 2023 "Safety Production Month" kick-off meeting

2023/06/02 17:48

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In order to thoroughly publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on production safety, strengthen the awareness of responsibility for production safety , improve the ability and level of safety risk prevention, and create a good environment for safe production. On the morning of June 2 , the company The launching ceremony of the 2023 "Safety Production Month" was held in the conference room of the exhibition hall of Feng Industrial Park . Wang Qingxin, the general manager of the joint-stock company , presided over the meeting. The vice presidents in charge of each unit, the person in charge of the workshop, and the safety management personnel attended the meeting.

 At the meeting, Ren Weihua, the safety director, read out the implementation plan of the safety production month activities, made detailed arrangements for various activities of the safety production month, and required all departments to carry out relevant activities in a solid manner and resolutely implement the contents.


Mr. Wang emphasized to further improve the safety production awareness of all employees, firmly hold the safety red line bottom line, and ensure the stable development of the company's production and operation. Alert everyone to keep production safety in mind, shoulder it on their shoulders, and put it into action. At the same time, three requirements are put forward for the safety production work during the "Safe Production Month": First, fully implement the work requirements of the country and the company for the "Safe Production Month" in 2023. Standardize on-site standardized management , improve various safeguard measures, comprehensively standardize and improve safety management level and safety guarantee capabilities, and realize safe and standardized production; secondly, take the safety month as an opportunity to comprehensively do a good job in safety education and emergency drills for all employees, and effectively Improve various emergency handling capabilities; third, the company's leading cadres and department heads should effectively be the "first responsible person", take the lead, and strictly fulfill the requirements of "one post with two responsibilities";

After the meeting, all employees of the company participated in the signing activity of "everyone pays attention to safety, everyone meets emergency" to further strengthen safety awareness and jointly build a "safety" embankment.


In the next step , the company will carry out a series of "Safety Production Month" activities such as safety production skills competition, on-site standardization creation , special investigation and management of safety hazards , safety training and education, and safety emergency response drills ; at the same time , based on the overall situation of safety production, overall consideration And properly handle all risks and hidden dangers that affect production safety, and take into account the prevention of daily safety hazards in the office area, so as to promote the steady improvement of the company's production safety management level .