Too high! Start the "digging and digging" mode, Huifeng shares are also coming

2023/06/02 17:52

Too high! Start the "digging and digging" mode, Huifeng shares are also coming


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" Dig and dig and dig in the little garden

Sow a little seed, make a little flower "

Let's be together in Huifeng's garden

dig up!

Dig and dig and dig in the field of high-end equipment

Use small parts to be an expert in the transmission system♫

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Shandong Huifeng Transmission Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and has 5 subsidiaries. After ten years of hard work , it has become the vanguard of new and old kinetic energy conversion and the setter of domestic industry standards. Become the core supplier of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as China FAW, China Second Automobile Works, Sinotruk, American Meritor, and American IPC. It has formed an industrial structure dominated by automobiles and rail transit, while covering various fields such as wind power, aviation, ships, and high-end machinery.

Digging and digging in the 6S workshop

Seeds equipped with advanced equipment will open the flowers of smart factories

Dig and dig and dig in all kinds of products

Grow green, lightweight seeds

Bloom special, fine, special, new flowers

Product image.jpg

In recent years, the company has made use of its own resources and technical advantages to tackle key technologies that affect the development of the industry. Many product technologies such as conjoined gears, near-tooth profiles , high-speed axles, and rail wheels have filled domestic and international gaps. Among them, the leading product spiral cone Gears accounted for 61% of the heavy-duty commercial vehicle field , achieving good economic benefits.

Digging, digging, digging in the research and development center of 'Thai Pants Spicy'

Dig innovative achievements and become an expert in standard formulation

R&D center map.png

Founded in 2010, the R&D center is led by innovative and entrepreneurial talents of the Ministry of Science and Technology, leading talents of the national high-level talent special support plan, member of the National Professional Standardization Technical Committee, and senior engineer Ren Qihua. Transmission system R&D group, rail transit R&D group, construction machinery R&D group, sea ship/aviation R&D group. The center is mainly engaged in the research and development and design of new technologies and new products for various precision components.

In recent years, it has won more than 10 provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards, led the formulation of 2 industry standards; won more than 200 national patents, including 13 invention patents; and 20 soft works. Conjoined gears, near-toothed products, internal expansion axle housings, hollow shafts and many other products fill the domestic and international gaps and lead the industry's green and lightweight development trend.

The innovative topics and key research projects undertaken include more than 10 national, provincial and municipal projects such as National Ecological Civilization, Uplifting Talents in the West, Guiding Fund for Innovative Technology Enterprises, Quality Improvement and Efficiency Improvement, and Energy Saving Technical Transformation Project .

♫ Dig and dig and dig in the colorful cultural life

Compete to catch up with you, me and him, take home the prize♫

♫ Dig and dig and dig in a variety of unmanned supermarkets

Improve employee convenience, integrity depends on everyone♫


♫ Digging, digging, digging in party-mass work

Follow the path of 'five-five-five' and take a new step♫






♫ Digging, digging, digging in safe production

Strengthen safety, reduce energy consumption, and be a responsible person♫

fire drill

Electric Shock CPR Drill

Centralized safety knowledge training for all staff

Safety Knowledge Contest

♫ Dig and dig and dig in the tall office building

To be a happy employee, Huifeng is our home♫

Office building map.jpg

what kind of seeds

what kind of flowers bloom

plant the seeds of dreams

Huifeng flowers all the way


Huifeng people will continue as always

While focusing on speed

Shoulder quality and responsibility

work hard

Leading industry upgrades with standards

Demonstrate brand strength


Huifeng shares transparent color.png