"Hui" warmth, "pass" love, Huifeng transmission visits and condolences to employees in difficulties

2023/02/06 16:36

      As the Spring Festival in 2023 is approaching, in order to send New Year greetings and blessings to the employees in need, on January 13, Liu Yongtian, secretary of the company's general party branch, and deputy general manager Du Xiaoxiao visited and expressed condolences to employees in difficulty. 微信图片_20230202160438.jpg

      Secretary Liu and his entourage drove to Lixin, Niuquan and other towns, Shuanglongyu, Dongsongjiazhuang and other villages to express condolences to the company's employees in difficulties. Living conditions, remind everyone to take good care of themselves, pay attention to their health, send rice, flour, cooking oil and other supplies, and at the same time pay homage to everyone in the early years, and hope that in the new year, the life of the "rabbit" of the employees in difficulties will improve by leaps and bounds. The deep greetings and ardent care warmed the hearts of the employees. The assisted employees and their families expressed their gratitude to the company for their condolences, and said that they will face the current difficulties with a more positive attitude in the future, work actively, and thank the company with practical actions. care.

     As a high-tech enterprise with a sense of responsibility and warmth, Huifeng Transmission has always attached great importance to the assistance of needy employees, and invests funds and materials every year in the employment of employees and children's education, etc. The help has greatly improved the happiness and sense of belonging of the employees. In the future, the company will continue to increase investment to effectively solve the difficulties of employees and contribute to the economic and social development of Huifeng.