Concentrate, be brave to take responsibility, do wonderful work, and fight for the future. The 2022 work summary and deployment conference was successfully held

2023/01/08 16:46

        On the morning of January 8, 2023, Huifeng Transmission's 2022 annual summary and deployment conference was successfully held in the conference center . More than 200 people participated.


       Looking back on the long journey, we shed sweat together to create brilliance. Looking at the years and years, let's burn passion and light up the journey together. The heads of each unit reported on the work of market development, production and operation in 2022, talked about 2023, and led the management team to take an oath!


      |  Indicators are responsibilities, performance is glory, the heads of each unit sign the target responsibility letter!


         Chairman Ren Qihua gave a speech to thank everyone for their hard work for a year, and called on everyone to write the spirit of Huifeng with sweat and hard work, and to compose a brand new future with bravery and tenacity 2023!


     "Front" closes the moment and lights up the future. They are the new force of the enterprise, the best interpretation of craftsman spirit, and the most beautiful display of corporate culture. They are 2022 The most beautiful Huifeng transmission person of the year.

The cold has already felt the east wind is warm, and the end is as cautious as the beginning, and we will always move forward. In the new year, we are still dreamers, and the road to the future is long and difficult. May you and I work together to welcome a more exciting year together .