Do you know what applications helical bevel gears are?

2022/05/17 15:38

Helical bevel gears are divided into two types, in which there are straight gears and curved gears, depending on the length direction of the teeth. Their division is based primarily on the ruler-length profile and the cross-sectional cone crossing line. If the ruler-length profile and cross-sectional cone crossing line are a straight line, it is a spur gear. If the ruler-length profile crosses the profile with the cross-sectional cone line is a curve, it is a curved gear. Different curves also divide helical gears into three categories.

1. Advantages of helical gears

Compared with ordinary gears, the transmission of helical bevel gears is more stable and the noise during transmission is lower. Its load carrying capacity is high. The transmission is smooth, the structure is compact, the work is reliable and the space is saved. Wear life is longer than that of ordinary gears. It can be said that the transmission efficiency of helical gears is all teeth.


2. Apply helical gears

Depending on the characteristics of the helical bevel gears, the range of applications varies. Curved gears are more widely used than spur gears, mainly because of their load carrying capacity. Higher than the curve gear, low working noise, stable transmission process. Long service life, suitable for aviation, navigation, automotive industry and so on.

3. Classification of helical gears

Helical bevel gears are generally divided into straight gears, helical gears and curved gears. This is mainly based on the different types of gear rotation, according to the gear length curve machining method of its intersecting shaft and staggered shaft, the helical gear is classified.