Anti-rust maintenance measures for driving and driven bevel gears

2023/02/15 10:09

Rust prevention management regulations for main driven bevel gears:

1. Select high-quality anti-rust oil and oil-proof paper for packaging management of gear anti-rust coating.

2. From the date of coating and sealing, the anti-rust period of gears shall not be less than one year.

3. Completed gear products should be dispatched and put into storage in time. Storage gear should be arranged by the warehouse manager, cleaned, oiled and rust-proofed in time.

4. For non-processed surfaces, the process documents should stipulate rust removal and oiling.

5. Severely corroded gears are strictly prohibited for assembly

6. Quality inspectors should supervise and inspect cleaning and anti-rust measures, and have the right to order relevant departments to clean and anti-rust work in a timely manner.

Main driven bevel gear rust prevention process:

1. Corroded gears cannot be put into storage, and the warehouse manager can refuse corroded gears. Likewise, stock Corroded Gear cannot be shipped.

2. The warehouse should be kept clean to prevent rain, acid and other corrosive gases or items from entering the warehouse. Keep the gear out of direct sunlight.

3. The gears in storage should be cleaned, drained and dried, usually with non-corrosive kerosene (or industrial gasoline). It can also be cleaned with kerosene (or industrial gasoline), and anti-rust oil can be added and replaced. The amount of anti-rust oil added is generally 3-5%. The cleaning materials used should be replaced regularly according to the usage conditions.

4. After the gears are stored in the warehouse, the warehouse management personnel should check the production date, specification model, quality grade speed ratio, storage anti-rust date of the gears, classify the needs, fill in the record card, and mark the listing according to the batch. At the same time, they must also abide by the principle of rotation delivery of first-in, first-out.

5. The warehouse manager checks the anti-rust condition of the stock parts every six months. If the rust is found, it should be dealt with in time, and the inspection results should be kept in records.

6. Warehouse gears should be stored in categories, finished gears should be placed separately from other items, and packaged gears should be stored in an orderly manner.

7. The warehouse gear can ventilate the environment of the storage area, clean the dry noise of the ground, waterproof and moisture-proof, and sprinkle some saw foam in the rainy season. The storage method adopts prefabricated foam packaging and trapezoidal shelves, and the soaking oil basin is close to the ground.

8. Check the storage status of the product from time to time. If the product is rusted, immediately isolate and check the reason.