Machining Technology of High Precision Spiral Bevel Gear

2023/02/09 10:02

The processing principle of high-precision spiral bevel gear: the simulation wheel is the processing gear, and the unified chuck is the gear of the simulation wheel. When the simulated wheel is combined with this breaking element, the cutter head cuts through the gear. How to process the large and small wheels and calculate the correct value after processing are the main problems that need to be solved. Many experts and scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research and published many papers and professional works, especially spiral bevel gears and reduced hypoid gears. Since the large and small wheels are machined as flat-topped production wheels, their orientation and curvature need to be calculated. Contact analysis is very complicated, and it is difficult to obtain ideal results in reality. With the processing of controllable gear machine,

Theoretically, the processing of high-precision spiral bevel gears is completely universal, so theoretically there is no need for the direction and curvature of the computer vector, and its complexity is equivalent to the axis value, so simply sort out the three basic conditions for gears that are as high as arc wheels , Also called arc wheel. Viewed from the side, it is a flat gear shape. Its research and development principle is to polish the high teeth on the basis of the swing arc. During the process of processing, the factory usually cuts a small amount of gears according to the plane production method of gears, and combines the cutting machine with the shaft, taking the "contact area" of each part as the starting point to realize the processing of shrinking gears.

In theory, large-scale high-precision spiral bevel gear processing technology requires three necessary conditions, namely, the determination of pressure parts, the determination of the helix angle, and the cutting of the tool radius. They are the basic structure of gears. As far as the radius of the cutter head is concerned, attention should be paid to the installation position. The installation of the cutter head is mainly based on the rotation of the cutter body, and the slash is the side view. Knife movement is also an important part. This is a technical method of a parallel device with the eccentric roller as the core, so we should pay special attention to the position of the cutter. This is based on the fan-shaped turntable, with the moving parts box as the carrier, and processes according to the axial direction. It is also important to adjust the position of the cutter head. There is a cross-section for each blade.